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My application / enquiry is stuck on 'Processing'

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General Enquiry Page

You can raise a general enquiry about anything to do with the Institution or its courses but you must login or register first, as your details and email address are needed in order to reply.

  • • If you're logged in you can type a question into the General enquiry field.
  • • Click on the OK button to submit the enquiry.
  • • You're given an enquiry reference. Make a record of this number.

Your enquiry will be dealt with by someone within the college who will reply to you in due course.


If you're already registered you don't need to register again. Instead, you simply login. You need to login to request a brochure, make a general enquiry, enquire about courses and submit applications and enrolments online.

To login, enter your Email address and Password in the Login section.

Note: Click on Have you forgotten your password? if you can't remember it. The Institution will email it to you.

The Institution needs to process your registration details, which may take a few days.


Register your details so that you can make a general enquiry, enquire about courses and submit applications online. You only have to register once - when you visit this web site again you only need to login and the system will recognise you and retrieve all of your details.

  • • Enter as much information as possible, making sure that you complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*). The system doesn't accept your registration if these fields are incomplete.
  • • The system forces you to retype your email address and password for security reasons - you aren't able to copy from one field to another.
  • • Click on Proceed to continue with your registration.

Note: If you click on Close your registration isn't processed.

Selection summary

This web page lists all of the courses that you're enquiring about or applying for.

Click on Delete button to remove an item from this list.

Click on the Next stage button to go to the next web page.

Note: Your progress through these web pages is shown. Select any of the web pages listed to go back to that page.

Personal details

All of the personal details that are currently held about you are shown here. You can amend some of these details but others can only be amended by the Institution.

  • • If you amend any details, remember to click on the Save button to save the changes.


Any qualifications that you've previously entered or provided to the Institution are shown here.

  • • Enter the details of any qualifications not shown here and click on the Add button after each one to clear the screen for another.
  • • Click on the Reset button if you want to clear what you've just entered without saving it.
  • • Click on the Save & Continue button to continue when you've entered all of your qualifications.

Note: The Save & Continue button is only shown if you're entering qualifications as part of the registration process.


This is a summary of all the information you've entered to support your enquiry, application or enrolment. Check the details.

  • • Click on one of the menu options if you need to go back to previous web pages to make corrections.
  • • Click on the Proceed button to continue.


Details already known about you are automatically shown. Complete any missing fields and click on the Save & Continue button to continue.

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