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Terms & Conditions

It is your responsibility to ensure that information you provide in your application is correct.

You should have had initial information, advice and guidance in the form of one or more of the following:

As a result of this, you should understand the entry requirements, the guided learning hours, the nature of the study programme and progression opportunities it may lead to. You must confirm that this is a suitable programme. Should you require it, additional support is available in the form of extra help with your studies/disability support/educational guidance/counselling. You can access such support via College Support Services.

As a student of the College you will be required to observe and act in accordance with the College rules, policies and the Student Charter.

The College reserves the right to change or cancel courses. The College will provide appropriate information to your parent(s) or guardian(s) if you are under 19 or employer or sponsor if appropriate, on your progress and attendance on courses for which you have enrolled, or in the event of any cause for concern or a medical emergency.

What to Pay

All tuition fees and other fees listed in this directory are for one year only. If your course is longer than one year, then you must re-enrol and pay these fees at the start of every academic year. On enrolment you must make either:

Your place on the course is not secure until one of these actions has been taken.

Your course may have any or all of the following fees attached to it:

Courses with a strong practical emphasis may require appropriate clothing and equipment. You should contact the College before purchasing these items, as equipment must conform to health and safety regulations.

Payments can be made by cash, credit or debit card, bank transfer or in instalment payments by direct debit. For more information email: finance@guildford.ac.uk


For courses over six months duration, where tuition fees exceed £500, the College offers instalment payments by direct debit. You will initially need to pay 25% of your tuition fees and then four further monthly instalments.

Exam and other non-tuition fees must be paid in full on enrolment. If your tuition fees are more than £1,000 you can increase the number of instalments to six. The College makes a small charge for this service, which must be paid with your first instalment. No interest is charged.

Sponsored students

If your employer or another person will be paying fees on your behalf, then it is your responsibility to ensure that the College receives signed, written evidence in support of this on an ‘Authorisation to Invoice’ form, available from the College Finance Office. This must be produced every academic year. Once a validly completed form has been accepted by the College your enrolment can be completed. Your employer will be sent an invoice for the full amount, which is payable in full within 30 days.

Other Fee Information

Tuition fees will not be refunded or waived after the published start date of the course, other than in very exceptional circumstances. Students are liable to pay all exam resit fees. The fee policy and arrangements may vary for courses delivered in partnership with other providers. Any variations to the published fees must be agreed in writing by the Director of Finance

Important Note

All fees and other information are current at August 2013, but are subject to change through Government policy or for unforeseen reasons at the College’s absolute discretion. Any variations to the published fees will be agreed by the College’s Director of Finance. The fee payable is the fee applicable at the date of enrolment. Government policy on entitlement to fee reductions and tax or benefit rules is subject to change. This information reflects the College’s current understanding of the policy, but you should check with the College for the latest details before enrolment.

College Charter and Policies

The College Charter outlines the quality of service you should expect from the College and what the College expects from you. The Student Handbook provides general information about the College and its services (both are distributed during induction). There is a strong commitment to quality throughout the organisation.

The following documents are available:

Freedom of Information

The College complies with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which promotes openness and accountability across the public sector, by requiring all public authorities to make information available proactively, through a publication scheme.

For more information write to the Executive Director of HR and Workforce Development or Email: foi@guildford.ac.uk. Please note that information requests may be subject to an administration fee.

Compliments and Complaints

Merrist Wood College is committed to providing high quality services and continuous improvement. Comments, concerns, complaints and compliments are an important and valuable source of information enabling us to improve our service to you. A complaints procedure is available from your personal tutor/mentor and on the College website under Charter and Policies. The policy is available on our website which will inform you of what to do if you wish to make a complaint. In the first instance make an approach to the area with which you have a problem, to allow them to resolve it. If you are dissatisfied once you have exhausted the process (which is explained in the procedure), you may appeal to the Principal for a final decision. If you wish to make a compliment, complaint or make a suggestion on how we can improve our services please email: yourview@guildford.ac.uk


The College cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to possessions and property. Students should have insurance cover for belongings left on the premises.

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